Digna Love – Gemstones and Their Astrological Significance

Every gemstone has its unique qualities and astrological significance. Digna Love is a spiritual person; she has a collection of crystals and gemstones that she uses for natural healing. She believes that when we understand the significance of gemstones, we will be able to use them effectively.
Here are some gemstones and their astrological significance.

Digna Love
Digna Love


Ruby is often regarded as the love stone and the king of gemstones. It radiates a strong sense of vitality, passion, power and warmth. It is usually pink to blood-red in color. Ailments such as diabetes, jaundice and cardiovascular diseases can be treated by wearing a ruby. It is essential to know that ruby cannot be worn with diamond, blue sapphire or hessonite.


Diamond is unique in many ways. It is renowned for being the hardest substance on earth. It is one of the most popular gemstones and the most valuable. People use diamond to enhance their fame and artistic quality. Diamond also helps to enhance sexual drive, cures diabetes and venereal diseases. Diamond enables the wearer to do good deeds and to tackle life challenges with boldness.


Pearl is one of the most priced gemstones. It is believed that wearing of pearl helps to ensure happy conjugal life. It helps to remove the negative effects of the Moon and also cures insomnia. Furthermore, it helps to improve memory and cure hysteria, eye diseases and uterine disorders.
It is essential to get expert advice about gemstones and how they can help you to tackle life problems.

Digna Love is a holistic healer. She has faith in the healing powers of gemstones and she often uses them in her holistic healing sessions. She has also been practicing channeling and meditation for years.


Digna Love – Choosing An Alternative Medicine School

Digna Love is currently attending Everglades University where she is studying alternative medicine. She knows that it can be difficult to choose the college that is right for your and she attended a different college before finding Everglades University. If you are interested in alternative medicine and are having a hard time finding a school, consider these tips.

Digna Love
Digna Love

Visit Each College

You can schedule a time to visit the colleges you are interested in and walk around the campuses. This will give you a better idea of what life would be like if you attended that college and also help you get more familiar with the campus.

Talk With Admission Counselors

If you want to learn more about a college, schedule a meeting with an admissions counselor. The admission counselor can tell you more about the college and help you feel out paperwork if you decide to apply or enroll. An admission counselor can also answer any questions you might have about the college.

Online Research

You can find out a lot about a college by doing your research online. You can learn about tuition fees, housing options and courses and classes offered. Check the websites of the schools you are interested in to learn more about them and to help you make your decision

Digna Love is glad she found the right college. She will soon graduate and will be able to start pursuing a career. She also plans to run her own business, which she recently started.

Digna Love – Chakras For Beginners

Digna Love enjoys practicing natural and holistic medicine. One of the things she is experienced in reading Chakras. Everyone has seven chakras, which are energy centers, in their bodies. The help energy flow through the body and allow the body and mind to work together. If a Chakra is blocked, a person can feel ill or upset and not understand why. Here are the basics of Chakras.

Digna Love
Digna Love

Blocked Energies

Energy flows through your body all the time and it goes through these Chakras. All seven Chakras must be functional to help keep the energy flowing. If the energy gets blocked, a Chakra could be disrupted and this could lead to an illness or disease.

Chakra Locations

Chakras are found in different parts of the bodies and if they are disrupted, the part of the body they are in can be affected. It is important to know the locations of each Chakra so you can tell which one has been disrupted when you become ill or start to feel off.

Color Representation

Each Chakra is represented by a specific color. Knowing the color of each Chakra will help you remember where each one is and how they appear on a chart. Chakras are often associated with auras of the same color and they can reflect each other easily.

Digna Love has been studying Chakras and holistic medicine for a long time. She is very familiar with the practice and believes that Chakras play an important part in the way people feel and their overall health.

Digna Love – All About Distant Healing

Digna Love is very spiritual and wants to use her inner powers to help heal people. She believes that distant healing is not only possible, but also very effective. She has practiced distance learning on many occasions and is always successful in helping the ill or injured person.

Digna Love
Digna Love

How It Works

Distance healing is a type of spiritual healing that can occur over a long distance. The energy of the healer is released to help improve the energy of the sick or affected person. People who practice distant healing believe that healing energies can be sent and exchanged over long distances.

Does It Work?

Not everyone is convinced that distance healing works, but those who have tried it and seen results, swear by it. Like other types of healing, it can take a while for it to have an effect. Most spiritual healers stay in contact with the healer to make sure they are feeling better or have improved.

Who Can Do It?

Almost anyone can be a distance healer or healee, it simply requires the knowledge and faith in the ability. Distance healing requires control over energies and the ability to see and help other people who may not be in the same room or even in the same state.

Digna Love believes in distance healing and has done it several times with other healers and friends. She is currently studying alternative medicine and considers distance healing one of her many tools. She wants more people to try this interesting method of healing.

Digna Love – Using Crystals For Healing

Digna Love is a natural healer who believes that crystals have the power to heal people and help them feel better. She has a collection of crystals that she uses and each one of them has a special meaning and can help in a different way.

The Right Crystals
Not all crystals are powerful and some are only powerful against certain things. Make sure the crystals you use are connected or can help improve the illness, disease or mood disorders. You should research each crystal to see what it should be used for and how it can help you.

Digna Love
Digna Love

The Right Technique
There are certain ways you need to hold, display and use crystals to get their full effect. You must be experienced to know how to do this. If you want to use them to balance your Chakras and feel better, you need to use the right technique.

Seeing Results
You may not instantly see results when using crystals for healing, but like most things their benefits will be more obvious over time. Stick with it and seek help if you need it. If you are a beginner, ask an expert to come help you learn to heal with crystals.

Digna Love believes in the healing power of crystals and uses them often in her holistic healing sessions. If you want to use crystals to heal yourself or others, make sure you are aware of their powers and how to use them. The more you know, the better your results will be.