Digna Love – All About Distant Healing

Digna Love is very spiritual and wants to use her inner powers to help heal people. She believes that distant healing is not only possible, but also very effective. She has practiced distance learning on many occasions and is always successful in helping the ill or injured person.

Digna Love
Digna Love

How It Works

Distance healing is a type of spiritual healing that can occur over a long distance. The energy of the healer is released to help improve the energy of the sick or affected person. People who practice distant healing believe that healing energies can be sent and exchanged over long distances.

Does It Work?

Not everyone is convinced that distance healing works, but those who have tried it and seen results, swear by it. Like other types of healing, it can take a while for it to have an effect. Most spiritual healers stay in contact with the healer to make sure they are feeling better or have improved.

Who Can Do It?

Almost anyone can be a distance healer or healee, it simply requires the knowledge and faith in the ability. Distance healing requires control over energies and the ability to see and help other people who may not be in the same room or even in the same state.

Digna Love believes in distance healing and has done it several times with other healers and friends. She is currently studying alternative medicine and considers distance healing one of her many tools. She wants more people to try this interesting method of healing.