Digna Love – Chakras For Beginners

Digna Love enjoys practicing natural and holistic medicine. One of the things she is experienced in reading Chakras. Everyone has seven chakras, which are energy centers, in their bodies. The help energy flow through the body and allow the body and mind to work together. If a Chakra is blocked, a person can feel ill or upset and not understand why. Here are the basics of Chakras.

Digna Love
Digna Love

Blocked Energies

Energy flows through your body all the time and it goes through these Chakras. All seven Chakras must be functional to help keep the energy flowing. If the energy gets blocked, a Chakra could be disrupted and this could lead to an illness or disease.

Chakra Locations

Chakras are found in different parts of the bodies and if they are disrupted, the part of the body they are in can be affected. It is important to know the locations of each Chakra so you can tell which one has been disrupted when you become ill or start to feel off.

Color Representation

Each Chakra is represented by a specific color. Knowing the color of each Chakra will help you remember where each one is and how they appear on a chart. Chakras are often associated with auras of the same color and they can reflect each other easily.

Digna Love has been studying Chakras and holistic medicine for a long time. She is very familiar with the practice and believes that Chakras play an important part in the way people feel and their overall health.