Digna Love – Gemstones and Their Astrological Significance

Every gemstone has its unique qualities and astrological significance. Digna Love is a spiritual person; she has a collection of crystals and gemstones that she uses for natural healing. She believes that when we understand the significance of gemstones, we will be able to use them effectively.
Here are some gemstones and their astrological significance.

Digna Love
Digna Love


Ruby is often regarded as the love stone and the king of gemstones. It radiates a strong sense of vitality, passion, power and warmth. It is usually pink to blood-red in color. Ailments such as diabetes, jaundice and cardiovascular diseases can be treated by wearing a ruby. It is essential to know that ruby cannot be worn with diamond, blue sapphire or hessonite.


Diamond is unique in many ways. It is renowned for being the hardest substance on earth. It is one of the most popular gemstones and the most valuable. People use diamond to enhance their fame and artistic quality. Diamond also helps to enhance sexual drive, cures diabetes and venereal diseases. Diamond enables the wearer to do good deeds and to tackle life challenges with boldness.


Pearl is one of the most priced gemstones. It is believed that wearing of pearl helps to ensure happy conjugal life. It helps to remove the negative effects of the Moon and also cures insomnia. Furthermore, it helps to improve memory and cure hysteria, eye diseases and uterine disorders.
It is essential to get expert advice about gemstones and how they can help you to tackle life problems.

Digna Love is a holistic healer. She has faith in the healing powers of gemstones and she often uses them in her holistic healing sessions. She has also been practicing channeling and meditation for years.