Digna Love – Using Gemstones to Balance Emotions and Increase Brainpower

How well we can control our emotions and the quality of the thoughts that runs through our mind often determines our quality of life. Digna Love is a natural healer who believes that gemstones possess qualities that can help us stay in control of our emotions and also increase our brainpower.

Digna Love

Balancing emotions using gemstones

Gaining control of our emotion will help us to make smart decisions and also get ahead in life. Stones such as chrysocolla, moonstone, rose quartz, blue lace agate and aventurine can help us to gain control of our emotions. You can wear these gemstones in jewelry, keep them in your bag or pocket or take a bath with them. Also, aquamarine, moonstone, aventurine, and rose quartz are calming stones. You can bathe or massage yourself with them. A black onyx, sodalite, black tourmaline, citrine or aventurine can be used as a worry stone by rubbing it with your fingers. This will help to relieve stress, worry, fear, and anxiety. Rub a red garnet or snowflake obsidian with your fingers when you need to control anger.

Increasing brainpower using gemstones

The quality of what we think, how we think and how well we can concentrate matters. Fluorite, citrine, pyrite and sodalite can help to stimulate the mind and increase intellectual ability. Also, stones such as black tourmaline, hematite, citrine and lapis can help to focus thoughts and improve concentration. You can wear an azurite, chrysocolla or amazonite to increase your creativity flow.

Digna Love is a professional holistic healer. She also practices channeling and meditation. She believes that when you maintain a balanced emotion and you nurture quality thoughts, you will live a blissful and fulfilled life.