Digna Love – How to Become an Angel Card Reader

Angel Cards can help people reach the best possible place in their lives. Digna Love earned her Angel Card reader certification and enjoys helping her clients tap into the surrounding angelic presence. She hopes to help all of her clients discover a better life, and she wants to educate them about the presence of angels and their guidance. She followed several steps in order to earn her certification and plans on putting it to good use.

Angel Cards were born from the Tarot tradition. Tarot cards traditionally had images that could be disturbing or startling to some clients. Angel Cards however are pleasing in every way. The images are beautiful as well as calming. Readers use these cards to help their clients obtain guidance from the surrounding angelic presences. Like Tarot cards, they help answer questions and guide the recipients, however, they use a different type of energy.

In order to become an Angel Card reader, you will need to take a course which will teach you about Angel Cards as well as the history of Oracle and Tarot Cards. The course is hosted by Doreen Virtue, a leading intuitive, and Radleigh Valentine. The course is a serious of four audio courses that are each about 2 hours long. Upon completion of the course, you will receive your Angel Card Reader certificate.

Digna Love has always believed in the power of angels and positive energy. She earned her certification so that she could help others and proved another service for her clients.