Digna Love – A Brief History of Alchemy

Alchemy is a dual-natured practice that has a long and varied history. Digna Love understands the nature of alchemy and its historic uses. She hopes to revive the practice in order to help her clients. She owns a business called Love and Sunshine that focuses on healing, spirituality and the use of energy. She intends to involve alchemy in her business and looks forward to educating other about alchemy’s applications.

Digna Love

Alchemy has a history that spans thousands of years. There are records of it being practiced in India Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, Greece, Rome, China, Korea, and Japan. During the 19th century the practice of alchemy then spread in different parts of Western Europe as well. This practice refers to the study of nature, philosophy and spirituality. Practitioners of alchemy combined metallurgy, chemistry, medicine, physics, spirituality, and more in order to work with a greater force.

Alchemy is dual natured, because on one hand, it referred to the transformation of metals through chemistry. On the other hand, it referred to the path of spiritual transformation and purification. It involved transforming entities and energies into a better state of being. It also helped people develop their intuition and expand their consciousness.

Alchemy was used by scientists as well as spiritualists as a way to better understand the natural world and how humans relate to that world. Digna Love is well practiced in alchemy and hopes to help her clients expand their consciousness and discover a better way of living through this spiritual practice.