Digna Love – Importance of Meditation

Meditation makes you feel great. Digna Love is a gifted holistic healer and a committed entrepreneur. She has been practicing channeling and meditation regularly for decades and she wants to share some of the benefits of practicing meditation and also enlighten people about how it can help them to live a happy and fulfilled life. Meditation is free and can be practiced by anyone no matter who they are.

Meditation is important for every human being. Just like our body craves for food and exercise, our soul also craves for the state of absolute comfort. Meditation is the food of the soul; it is a state of absolute comfort and peace. It fills you with thrill without anxiety and love without hatred. It fills your soul with absolute joy and happiness.
Meditation will help to enliven your intuition and nourish spontaneity. It will help you to gain control over your mind, help bring clarity of thought and enable better decision making. Meditation helps to mitigate stress, depression and anxiety and also helps to control anger. It will help you to deal with emotional problems in your daily life. Also, regular practice of meditation can slow aging process.

Digna Love
Digna Love

Breathing is the most important form of meditation practice. If you keep focus on breathing in and out, naturally you will become calm. You will feel joyful and light. Then a feeling of love and compassion will arise inside of you. Everyone has the potential to experience inner peace. It is through constant practice of meditation that your mind will become clear and you will then experience inner peace.

Meditation is the best kind of prayer, offering and purification practice. It will help to shape your conducts and fill your heart with love. It will give you a positive outlook on life and make you become a happier person. Also, meditation will help to increase the quality of your sleep.

Furthermore, meditation can help you to discover yourself, improve your quality of life and also prevent a series of health issues. It helps to strengthen the immune system and lower blood pressure. Practicing meditation regularly will help you to become more tolerant and sensitive. It will help to build your self-confidence and self-esteem and also enhance your personal growth.
Meditation will help to improve your concentration and lower the likelihood of distraction. It will help to improve your memory and also enhance your creativity. Furthermore, you will become more receptive and learn more easily when you practice meditation regularly.

Digna Love is a gifted and an experienced holistic healer. She was born and raised in St. Lucia where she had her primary and secondary education. She has been practicing channeling and meditation regularly for decades and she is proud of the progress she has made. She is studying alternative medicine at Everglades University.