Digna Love – 7 Tools to Help Enhance Your Productivity

Digna Love is a holistic healer and the owner of Love and Sunshine, a company that manufactures jewelleries from gemstones, crystals and fine metals. She knows that staying productive at work and at home can be a challenge. She is aware of some tools that can help to improve productivity and performance.

 Digna Love

Here are 7 tools to help enhance your productivity:

1. Planning

Planning has an important role in the attainment of your objectives. Planning will give you direction and help you to focus. Possible changes in future can be anticipated with the help of planning. Planning also helps to establish coordination, increase efficiency and minimize wastage.

2. Minimizing distractions

An effective way to minimize distraction is by practicing effective time management. Distractions cannot be eradicated completely; they can only be minimized. It is only when you minimize distractions that you can focus on achieving your goals. By minimizing distractions and removing time-wasters from our day we can enhance productivity and efficiency. It is essential to schedule time for distraction and be disciplined enough not exceed the time allocated.

3. Regular exercise

Exercise helps to improve all aspect of your life including boosting your alertness and productivity. It also helps to improve your muscle strength and help you better deal with stress. It also helps to enhance your self-confidence and self-esteem, improve memory and curb feelings of anxiety and depression.

4. Avoiding procrastination

Procrastination means to postpone doing something, especially as a regular practice. Procrastination reduces productivity and efficiency. Many people get a lot of drawbacks in their lives due to procrastination. People who procrastinate often find it difficult to achieve great things in life. To overcome procrastination, learn to plan your day and also make use of positive self-talk.

5. Work smart

There are simple techniques that you can employ to save steps and tedium from almost any task. Working smarter will help to boost your productivity and you will get more done in less time. Start by identifying your goals, plan and delegate effectively. Also, identify ways to complete your tasks faster and effectively.

6. Take regular time to relax

Do not jump from one task to another, take regular breaks. Taking regular breaks after tasks can help to increase focus, minimize mental stress and enhance productivity and efficiency.

7. Regular meditation

Meditation is a great way to reduce mental stress and increase focus. It helps to increase mental acuity and makes us more productive at work. It also helps to sharpen memory, improve concentration and creativity.

Digna Love grew up in St. Lucia; a beautiful island located in the Caribbean. She is a gifted holistic healer and an entrepreneur. She loves to make jewelries from gemstones, crystals and fine metals. She is studying alternative medicine at Everglades University.