Digna Love – Practicing Modern Alchemy

Digna Love is an alternative medicine student and aspiring holistic healer with a passion for the art of alchemy. While many people think of the mystical practice of transforming metals when they think of alchemy, the modern definition and practice of alchemy is a much broader concept. This type of alchemy focuses on transforming an object’s energy. Love hopes to start her own healing practice upon graduating from college, and wants to bring the practice of alchemy to her clients.

Digna Love

Alchemy has been practiced all over the world in many forms for centuries. It has been most prevalent in Egypt, as well as Europe and parts of Asia. The initial goals of ancient alchemy included transmuting metals into gold, creating an elixir of immortality, and creating a medicine that could cure any disease. However, alchemy has evolved tremendously since its beginnings in Hellenistic Egypt. Modern alchemists focus on many different topics, including natural and alternative medicine, as well as spiritual and religious concepts. There are two main thoughts of study in modern alchemy: physical alchemy, which focuses on recreating historical alchemic practices, and spiritual alchemy, which uses objects and substances to channel energy, and is what Digna Love is focused on.

Modern alchemy is a holistic practice. It focuses on improving the person as a whole, making them physically stronger and more comfortable, mentally focused, and spiritually connected to a higher energy and power. Alchemy focuses on many different ideas and how they are connected: nature, art, spirit, and matter are all elements that alchemists focus on. Alchemic practices are very complex, and they can take years of study to fully understand and master. Alchemic healing, specifically, aims to transform clients’ struggles and hardships into positivity, hope, and energy. This practice combines elements of ancient medicines, such as the Chinese acupuncture or Indian Ayurvedic practices. They also focus on consciousness and connection to a higher power or energy, which many people find helps them achieve the inner peace that they desire.

Other modern alchemic practices focus on using the positive energies found in elements such as water, earth, and metal to affect the spirit. Many alchemists wear or carry crystals and gems because of the positive effects their vibrations are said to have on humans. Digna Love has brought this practice to her new company, Love and Sunshine. The company’s first venture is a line of gems made from stones, crystals, and metal to bring their wearers positive energy and healing properties. Love has extensively studied the properties of various gems and metals, and has created products that bring their wearers the positive energy that they desire. Digna Love hopes to bring the practice of modern alchemy to her clients as a holistic healer in the future.