Digna Love – Realm Reader

Digna Love is a businesswoman and a Certified Realm Reader based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. She is a native of Saint Lucia, an island nation in the Caribbean Sea, and came to the United States when she was twenty years old.

Digna Love

Realm reading is based on the idea that we, as humans, reincarnate, and have had past lives. Some people have an affinity with angels, while others are much closer to the earth and to the animal kingdom, while others are wise souls. These broad ideas represent our realms. Identifying a person’s realm is a way to help understand what it is that makes them tick, and how they relate to other people; and most importantly, what their passions and purpose in life really is.

We are all created by the same divine source. But we don’t necessarily come from the same realms, and these differences we have is what results in our different appearances and tastes, our different belief systems, personalities, and so on. Between each physical incarnation of ourselves, we reside in different realms that we call home.

Realm readers learn that there are four core realms: angels, elementals, starpeople, and wise ones. We all come from at least one of these core realms, and some of us come from more; these are referred to as blended realms.

Realm readers like Digna Love can help you to understand what realms you come from. In addition to being a realm reader, she is also the mother of three children. One of them is grown and a member of the U.S. Army, while the other two are still at home.