Digna Love – Military Mother

Digna Love came to the United States from her native Saint Lucia in 2001. She settled in Florida and worked as a nanny for many years before deciding to complete her education, first at Palm Beach State College, and later at Everglades University, where she studied Alternative Medicine. Today, she is a holistic healer and the founder of a company called Love and Sunshine.

Digna Love

She is the mother of three children, the youngest of whom is nearing her second birthday, and the oldest of whom is in his early twenties. “My oldest son joined the army as soon as he turned eighteen because I was a single mother in college myself, and was not able to afford to send him to college,” Digna Love says. “It’s hard having him away, but he visits whenever he can; and he’s learning the skills needed to make a positive impact.”

Her experiences as a parent with a beloved child in the military is mirrored by millions of others whose offspring are in the service. For many such parents, having their child away and in the military is very difficult, especially with the United States engaged in dangerous conflicts in distant lands. But most are proud that their sons and daughters have voluntarily elected to serve their country.

Like all parents, Digna Love wants the best for all of her children. Joining the Army can be the first step on a meaningful and rewarding career; it trains and prepares young people for the future. It offers stable yet challenging career opportunities with plenty of promotions and responsibilities. The military, according to official numbers, provides training in more than four thousand specialties, many of which will transfer easily and seamlessly to civilian careers. Servicemen and women also have such benefits as health and dental care, up to thirty days of paid vacation each year, veteran’s benefits, competitive pay, and early retirement programs.

That can help to ease many of the concerns parents have, as they watch the child they raised from an infant go off to military service. It is a common sentiment among military families that they may not always agree with the foreign policy of their government, but they will always support the troops.

As she counts the days until her son comes home again, Digna Love keeps busy with Love and Sunshine. She says the business will have many branches, half of them spiritual in nature. At present she is concentrating on Gems by Love and Sunshine, for which she makes jewelry with gemstones, crystals, and fine metals.





Digna Love – Two Things to Pay Attention to when Buying Organic Foods

Digna Love studies alternative health at Everglades University. She is very health-conscious, and does her best to buy organic food whenever she can.

There are two important things you want to pay attention to when you start buying organic foods.

Digna Love

The first one is the name of the farm that your food is coming from. This is important because different farms may have different soils, and different farmers will have different techniques, which will make even the same foods taste differently.

The second one is the names of the varieties of produce that you buy. For example, there are multiple varieties of nectarines and apples. You want to keep track of what you buy and make notes about the varieties that you like most.

Today, even big chains like Whole Foods are specifying the variety of the crops and name of the farm that a crop is coming from. If you are shopping at a farmers’ market and the description tag doesn’t mention the variety, ask the seller about it. Most small farmers come to farmers’ markets themselves, and striking a conversation is a great way to meet the person that is growing your food, and learn more about the food and the farm that grows it.

Not all varieties of foods grow in all parts of the United States. You can also talk to your local farmers about the varieties that they grow, and their reasons for choosing those varieties. While conventional, non-organic farmers mostly care about yields and size of the crop, organic farmers are much more likely to choose foods that have distinct flavors, and a great nutritional value. This is why Digna Love does her research before buying the food for herself and her family.


Digna Love – Benefits of Eating Organic

Digna Love is a holistic healer who is passionate about keeping her family healthy and happy. One of the many ways that she does this is by eating a diet that consists of many organic foods. There are many different benefits to eating organic foods, instead of non-organic foods. Although organic products used to be difficult and expensive to obtain, recent demand for them has made it much easier, encouraging more people than ever to switch to an organic diet.

Digna Love

Organic is defined as anything that is derived from living matter. This is especially important in food, because there are many food products on the market that are completely manufactured, often from materials that have negative effects on the body. For a food product to receive an organic label in the United States, it must meet certain processing standards from the Food and Drug Administration. For example, there can be no synthetic products involved in the production of the food.

There are many benefits to introducing more organic foods into your diet. They are grown without many of the harmful pesticides that are present in non-organic foods. Organically raised animals are also not given any hormones or other chemicals that can be harmful both to them and to us. The production of organic food is also better for the environment, because it does not create as much pollution or waste as non-organic farming. Additionally, organic food is also usually fresher, which means that it will probably taste better! All of these are great reasons to eat organic, and why people like Digna Love have made significant changes to their diets.


Digna Love – Gemstones and Their Meanings

Digna Love is a holistic healer, alternative medicine student, and entrepreneur. She runs her own business called Love and Sunshine, where she sells gemstones that are created to help their wearers find the strength, comfort, or balance that they need in their lives. Love has been interested in spirituality and alchemy since she was young, and has been studying gemstones for many years.

Digna Love

Gemstones have long been thought to have mystical properties in many societies around the world, although they can also be worn just for ornamental purposes. Each different gemstone is thought to have a different meaning, and can be worn or carried to bring these properties into the wearer’s life.

There are hundreds of different types of gemstones, but many of them are variants of some of the most well-known and common gems. Amethyst, a beautiful purple stone, is thought to keep the wearer clear-headed and articulate. Emeralds, which are green stones, symbolize rebirth and are thought to influence fertility. Red rubies influence love and passion. Sapphire, which is a blue gem, represents loyalty, and improves honesty and trust. Bright blue aquamarine represents life and improves health.

These are just a few of the many, many gemstones that have been popular throughout history and are thought to positively influence their wearers. There are many variants of these stones that have similar powers, although the more concentrated a stone, the stronger its influence will be. Digna Love enjoys working with gemstones and using them to positively benefit her customers.