Digna Love – Realm Reader

Digna Love is a businesswoman and a Certified Realm Reader based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. She is a native of Saint Lucia, an island nation in the Caribbean Sea, and came to the United States when she was twenty years old.

Digna Love

Realm reading is based on the idea that we, as humans, reincarnate, and have had past lives. Some people have an affinity with angels, while others are much closer to the earth and to the animal kingdom, while others are wise souls. These broad ideas represent our realms. Identifying a person’s realm is a way to help understand what it is that makes them tick, and how they relate to other people; and most importantly, what their passions and purpose in life really is.

We are all created by the same divine source. But we don’t necessarily come from the same realms, and these differences we have is what results in our different appearances and tastes, our different belief systems, personalities, and so on. Between each physical incarnation of ourselves, we reside in different realms that we call home.

Realm readers learn that there are four core realms: angels, elementals, starpeople, and wise ones. We all come from at least one of these core realms, and some of us come from more; these are referred to as blended realms.

Realm readers like Digna Love can help you to understand what realms you come from. In addition to being a realm reader, she is also the mother of three children. One of them is grown and a member of the U.S. Army, while the other two are still at home.


Digna Love – What You Need to Know about the Seven Chakras

The word “chakra” is Sanskrit for wheel. Chakras are the seven centers (or wheels) of your body that energy flows through. Each one has a different effect on your physical, mental and spiritual health. Should any of your chakras become blocked, it can lead in imbalance and even illness. Holistic healer Digna Love specializes in alternative medicine and helps her clients keep energy flowing through all seven chakras.
Digna Love
The root chakra is located at the base of the spine, around the tailbone. The root chakra is represented by the color red. This chakra represents grounding, and affects our survival instincts, such as managing finances and the food we eat.

The sacral chakra represents our connection with and acceptance of other beings. The color orange best represents this chakra. It is located in the lower abdomen below the navel. The sacral chakra affects our sense of well-being and sexuality.

Confidence and control belong to the solar plexus chakra, which is located in the upper abdomen near the stomach. Represented by the color yellow, good self-esteem and self- confidence are dependent upon good energy flowing through the solar plexus chakra.

The heart chakra, as you may have guessed, gives us our ability to love. It is represented by the color green, and is located in the center of the chest, slightly above the heart. Emotional issues that are affected by the heart chakra are not only love, but also joy and peace.

Communication relies on the throat chakra. If the throat chakra is blocked, our ability to communicate effectively with the people around us hampered. When it is clear, self-expression and communication come easily. The throat chakra is represented by the color blue.

The third eye chakra is in the center of the forehead, and is represented by the color indigo. This chakra is what gives us our imagination and creativity. Intuition and decision making flow freely when this chakra is clear, but when blocked our judgment and thoughts are muddy.

Finally, the seventh and final chakra is the crown chakra, represented by the color purple. It’s at the top of the skull, and it gives us the ability to connect fully to the spiritual realm. If it’s blocked, the connection is blocked and it can be hard to find direction. Yoga is a good way to learn how to ground yourself and clear any bad energy from your chakras. It frees your mind by stretching your body.

Business owner Digna Love uses her knowledge and expertise to help her clients keep all their chakras clear. Meditation and channeling are a key part of her knowledge base and are important tools for keeping the energy flowing through you.

Digna Love – On Why Organic Foods Taste Differently

Digna Love grew up in St. Lucia, and as a kid had a piece of land behind her home, where she and her brothers farmed corn and coffee.

Digna Love

One of the things that you need to understand about organic foods is that even the same varieties of organic foods will taste differently. Organic farming isn’t about standardization of everything and anything. Organic farming is focused on strengthening natural ecological properties of the land. Different soils have different features and peculiarities about them. Organic farmers do not use any chemicals, and foods from different farmers grown on different kinds of soils will taste differently. Also, the fertility of the soils of organic farms is usually improved by adding decaying organic matter to it, such as manure and compost.

Returning manure and plant waste into the soil is also a natural thing to do. By doing so, organic farmers complete the cycle of natural biological recycling, and the soil gets more nutrients, passing more of them to plants and livestock.

The differences in flavors of organic foods also occur because of different farming practices used by different farmers. For example, one tomato grower may choose to keep the side shoots that arise in the stems, while another may be removing them on a regular basis.

This is why you want to know who grows your food and how they do it. No matter what the advertising from the big corporations is trying to convey, you and only you should be the sole judge of what tastes good to you, and what foods you choose to eat. The real tastemakers and trendsetters have always been the people who didn’t care much about what the majority was telling them to do. This is why Digna Love chooses healthy, organic foods, and doesn’t pay much attention to advertising from big corporations.


Digna Love – Sacred Geometry and the Golden Ratio

Digna Love is a certified realm reader and a healer, passionate about angels, stones, alchemy, and sacred geometry.

Sacred geometry attributes metaphoric and sacred significance to certain geometric ratios, figures, and rules. One of such rules is the golden ratio.

The golden ratio is the unique ratio found in various objects and figures such that the ratio of the whole to the larger part of the object is the same as the ratio of the larger part of the object to the smaller part. Numerically, the golden ratio is equal to 1.6180339887498948482. This number is also known as phi.

It is not known who and when discovered the golden ratio, but the ratio does appear throughout the human history.

The Great Pyramid of Egypt closely follows the golden ratio proportions.

Greek mathematician and sculptor Phidias studies the golden ratio and applied it to the design of his sculptures.

Plato said that the golden ratio is the most binding of all mathematical discoveries and relationships.

Phi appears in petals as a part of the ideal packing arrangement. Each petal in flowers is placed at 0.618 per turn out of a 360-degree circle, thus maximizing the exposure of petals to sunlight.

One can also find phi in the head of a flower. The seeds are usually positioned in the center, moving towards the edge to fill all the space. Sunflower is a perfect example of the spiraling patterns that are based on the golden ratio.

The seed pods on a pinecone are arranged in a similar way. Patterns that are based on the same principles also exist on pineapples and cauliflower.

Born and raised on the island of St. Lucia, Digna Love witnesses a lot of interesting patterns in nature that made her curious about their meanings.

Digna Love – The Sacred Geometry of the Egyptian Pyramids

Digna Love wanted to become a healer since she was a child. She believes in alchemy, the power of stones, and sacred geometry.

Sacred geometry assigns mystical meanings to certain geometric shapes, figures, proportions, and numbers.

The Egyptian Pyramids, including the Great Pyramid of Gaza, are a standing monument of the sacred geometry. To this day, a lot of questions remain about how the pyramids were built, how long it took to build them, and how the builders were able to achieve a level of precision this high.


As of 2008, different scientific sources say that there are either 118 or 138 discovered Egyptian pyramids. The Great Pyramid of Gaza is included in this count, and is the oldest and the only one of the seven wonders of the ancient world that is still standing today. It was built by the Egyptians in the third century B.C. Just like many other pyramids, the Great Pyramid of Gaza was built to honor a dead pharaoh.

The Great Pyramid of Gaza is the largest of the three pyramids in the Gaza pyramid complex. Scientists say that at construction the Great Pyramid was originally 480.6 feet or 146.5 meters tall. Its present height is 455.4 feet. Each side of the pyramid is 755.9 feet long. The pyramid is estimated to weigh 5.9 million tons. Building the pyramid in twenty years would mean that approximately 800 tons of stone were needed to be installed every single day. Many of the inner chamber blocks of the Great Pyramid are arranged with great accuracy. Based on the assessments of the scientists, the mean openings of the joints are only 1/50 of an inch wide.

The Great Pyramid remained the tallest building in the world for over thirty-eight centuries, and was surpassed in height only by the Spire of Lincoln Cathedral that was built in Lincoln, England, around the year 1300.

The design of the Great Pyramid contains the three most important numbers in mathematics: Pi, phi, and e. English Egyptologist, Finders Petrie, claimed the slope angle of the Great Pyramid to be 51.85 degrees. The sine, cosine, and tangent of this angle are directly related to Pi and phi, while the number e comes from a very simple manipulation with the Pyramid’s angles.

It is important to keep in mind that according to modern science, e was discovered in 1618.

Another way to experience the sacred geometry while analyzing the Great Pyramid is to pay attention to its relative proportions. Its form is a square contained in a circle. This is a problem that generations of mathematicians unsuccessfully tried to solve.

The Pyramid also contains many other interesting numbers. Inscribing an equilateral triangle inside of the Pyramid gives a figure with an edge 555.5 feet long. The largest square that fits into the Pyramid encodes two circles with a circumference of 666.6 feet each. Circumscribing the Pyramid’s elevation triangle gives the circle with a diameter of 777.7 feet.

All these numbers clearly show that sacred geometry contains knowledge that we don’t have, which is why Digna Love is so interested in it.

Digna Love – Practicing Modern Alchemy

Digna Love is an alternative medicine student and aspiring holistic healer with a passion for the art of alchemy. While many people think of the mystical practice of transforming metals when they think of alchemy, the modern definition and practice of alchemy is a much broader concept. This type of alchemy focuses on transforming an object’s energy. Love hopes to start her own healing practice upon graduating from college, and wants to bring the practice of alchemy to her clients.

Digna Love

Alchemy has been practiced all over the world in many forms for centuries. It has been most prevalent in Egypt, as well as Europe and parts of Asia. The initial goals of ancient alchemy included transmuting metals into gold, creating an elixir of immortality, and creating a medicine that could cure any disease. However, alchemy has evolved tremendously since its beginnings in Hellenistic Egypt. Modern alchemists focus on many different topics, including natural and alternative medicine, as well as spiritual and religious concepts. There are two main thoughts of study in modern alchemy: physical alchemy, which focuses on recreating historical alchemic practices, and spiritual alchemy, which uses objects and substances to channel energy, and is what Digna Love is focused on.

Modern alchemy is a holistic practice. It focuses on improving the person as a whole, making them physically stronger and more comfortable, mentally focused, and spiritually connected to a higher energy and power. Alchemy focuses on many different ideas and how they are connected: nature, art, spirit, and matter are all elements that alchemists focus on. Alchemic practices are very complex, and they can take years of study to fully understand and master. Alchemic healing, specifically, aims to transform clients’ struggles and hardships into positivity, hope, and energy. This practice combines elements of ancient medicines, such as the Chinese acupuncture or Indian Ayurvedic practices. They also focus on consciousness and connection to a higher power or energy, which many people find helps them achieve the inner peace that they desire.

Other modern alchemic practices focus on using the positive energies found in elements such as water, earth, and metal to affect the spirit. Many alchemists wear or carry crystals and gems because of the positive effects their vibrations are said to have on humans. Digna Love has brought this practice to her new company, Love and Sunshine. The company’s first venture is a line of gems made from stones, crystals, and metal to bring their wearers positive energy and healing properties. Love has extensively studied the properties of various gems and metals, and has created products that bring their wearers the positive energy that they desire. Digna Love hopes to bring the practice of modern alchemy to her clients as a holistic healer in the future.


Digna Love – Some Common Gemstones and Their Uses

Digna Love is a holistic healer and an entrepreneur. She owns Love and Sunshine, a company that manufactures jewelries from gemstones, crystals and fine metals. She knows that crystals and gemstones are much more than tools for healing and meditation. Crystals are alive and they deserve the same respect as all forms of life.

Digna Love

Here are common gemstones and their uses:


Amazonite stones can be used to improve self-confidence and boost self-esteem.


Amethyst stones are great for calming the nerves. It can be placed under the pillow to resist nightmares or restless sleep. It can also be used in cleansing all other stones.

Apache tears

It is a type of obsidian that can be used for physic protection. It helps to bring to life what is hidden from the conscious mind. Also, it is usually referred to as the “grief stone”.


It is a powerful good luck stone. It can also be used to heal grief of the heart. Furthermore, it helps to bring feelings of love and peace.


It is associated with the root and sacral chakras. Carnelian stones are stones of action that will give you courage to move forward on a new path in life. It also helps to improve creativity and enhance mental emotional health.

Clear quartz

Clear quartz crystals have very strong vibrations and excellent metaphysical properties. They are usually referred to as the “all-purpose crystal”. They emanate white rays, and holistic healers use it to help align the subtle bodies and chakras. They are ideal programming stones, and such crystals are used in common everyday gadgets as storage receptacles and retriever’s information. Its dynamic receptivity to be programmed with any intention is why it is often used by many holistic healers to heal any condition or imbalance.


It helps to protect and improve emotional health. It also helps to regulate blood and aid menstruation.


Diamonds are famous for their beauty and luster; they are also very useful. Although, many people are familiar with diamond in jewelry; they are also used as an abrasive and also for cutting and polishing other stones. It is a stone that is used to bring energies of longevity, success, intensity and balance. It helps to aid spiritual evolution.


It helps to boost confidence, promote wisdom balance and peace. It often used in crystal healing for lung and kidney problems.

Always cleanse your gemstones regularly. You can cleanse them by immersing in salt and water overnight, or by exposing them to moonlight or sunlight.

Digna Love is passionate about her career as a holistic healer. She has been practicing channeling and meditation for many years and she is delighted with the amount of progress that she has made. She is a student of alternative medicine at Everglades University.